Activities During Later Life

Activites During Later Life


Many thing have an impact on activities in later life such as retirement, widowhood, disability or illness, reduced finances, age discrimination or a change in housing.

As with any other stage of life, changes occur and need to be dealt with.  When you were middle age I bet you no longer spent much time crawling around on your hands and knees.  However when you were much younger you probably spent a lot of time in the sand box or at the playground.  When you were a teenager you probably had many interest that went by the wayside as you grew older.  As you enter the later stages in life your interest are sure to change, follow that change and open the door to a new chapter, just as you did before find new activities. 

It is important to stay fit and active, so as some activities may no longer be possible due to the reasons listed above it is important to fill that space with other activities.  Let your imagineation be your guide and if that don't work get out of the house and find out what all the other seniors are doing there are a great deal of them out active and enjoying life. Join in.  It's your life!