About This Site



Senior Information and Directory

This site was developed to provide seniors and their families with basic information about a wide range of issues involving the aging process and then link them to the appropriate resources so they can get expert advice and quality products.

You do not have to enter personal information to use this site.  We are not collecting your contact information to sell to our directory members, in fact, our members will not know you have been on this site unless you call them.

When fully operational, September 1, 2010,  this site will contain a wide range of information for Seniors and their families to use - free of charge.  You may use this site to connect with members of our directory as you wish.  Our members will not get your personal information until you decide to give it to them.

In this day and age getting older can be extremely complex and the resources hard to locate.  We are attempting to provide a website that will eliminate the guess work and frustration.  We can do this by streamlining the process and having a one stop shop that links seniors and their families to important resources.

The information on this web site is purposefully basic and NOT MEANT to be medical or financial advice.